Vernal Equinox

equinox.JPGA day to reflect on the notion of balance.  The balance of light and dark.  The balance between cold and warm (that makes the sap run).  The turning from winter to spring.

And for the philosophical among you, a day to ponder balance in your life.  Are you taking care of yourself as you take care of the world?

I went searching for signs of spring today after work.  The day had started out sunny, but was cloudy, threatening rain by the time I could get out.  It was warm, making the snow heavy and wet – nearly slushy under my feet.  There were many spots where the green plants were trying hard to push their way through the snow.  And while some of the beech trees were clinging stubbornly to their leaves, many of the leaves had been pushed off by swelling buds.

Happy Spring!

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