No Salamanders Yet…

Trails remain frozen on March 24th at Jamestown AudubonLinda O was so kind as to come down to the Center yesterday to help with a Cub Scout program.  I was really hoping last night might have been the big Salamander night.  We had a few hours before the boys would arrive, so we hiked out to check the usual spots.  Alas, the trails were pretty hard and frozen, the ponds flooded and still pretty icy.  Maybe later this week…

When we got back to the Center, there was a bird singing its heart out in the Scots Pine in the back yard.  He wouldn’t show himself and he had us baffled.  Later, another visitor told us what we may have heard:  Brown Creeper.   Who would think such a little, plain bird could make such a lovely song?

When I took the boys out for their night walk, we heard more than a few Spring Peepers and I really thought I heard one Wood Frog.  If the temperatures stay warm, maybe you’ll be seeing some Salamander pictures on my blog in the very near future…

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