What a Difference a Day Makes

Yesterday the ground was hard as asphalt beneath my feet and patches of it were covered with ice.  After a day with temps near or in the 60s, the ground receives my feet… indeed sucks them down with loud squishy noises.  The snow remains only in places where the piles had been very high.  If it were raining tonight, I’d be at the vernal pool.  Instead, as sunset approached, I headed to Bergman Park with the dog and the camera, hoping for a colorful shot.

After snapping this picture, we almost started down into the hickory woods, just to see how muddy we could get.  But something pulled me back up – convincing me to walk the edges of the mowed area.

When a patch of clouds moved on, I was rewarded with a pretty view of moon and stars.  (I wish this picture did it justice!)  And then I heard it… the reason I wasn’t to go into the woods.  “Peent.  Peent.”  Patiently I edged along the edge formed by the remnants of last year’s tall field plants, following the song.  It wasn’t long before the whistling sound began.  I kept searching the sky for the male woodcock, which sounded like it was directly over my head – between me and the moon.  But I couldn’t see him until he returned to earth to strut and say again, “Peent.  Peent.”  Read more about woodcocks here:


A single spring peeper called behind me.  A pair of killdeer seemed to be having a conversation about whether or not this was the same field they nested in last year.  A robin complained of nightfall come too soon.

If it rains tomorrow night, you’ll find me at the vernal pool.  If not, I’ll be trying again to watch the woodcock.  Won’t you join me?

6 thoughts on “What a Difference a Day Makes

  1. I am delighted to see you have started a blog. I will have to add you to my blogroll. Your posts are informative and your pictures are beautiful. We were to have a warm, sunny Sunday, but it was cold, drizzly and damp.

  2. Hello, and welcome to the addiction that is blogging! I came over from Ruth’s blog (Body, Soul, and Spirit) and have added you to my list of blogs to visit as I can tell that you have so much to share on your journey. Good luck and welcome to the blogosphere.

  3. Everyone’s talking about woodcocks. I really need to avail myself to see them!!!!

    We not only get to enjoy your blog, but the added bonus is your great photography. I made my first comment on your “reluctant birder”. Welcome to blogland!

  4. Thanks for your support. Mary – definitely look for woodcock habitat (woods with an open field or shrubby area nearby) – then go right at dusk. Be patient and listen. It is fascinating, even if you see nothing… the sounds are so interesting.

  5. Having been referred to your website by Body, Soul and Spirit, I checked it out. I like what I see.
    I too took a photo of last eve’s sunset–similar to yours in brilliance. And later at night I saw the moon, with lacy clouds pulled across, but I didn’t go back in and get my camera.
    No woodcocks, here, though. I will be back to keep reading.

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