The Dragons are Flying!

Dragonflies Spotted Here Today

Yesterday (April 2nd) when I was out walking with Sarah, I would have sworn I saw a dragonfly above Big Pond:  just caught it out of the corner of my eye.  I wasn’t 100% sure, however, so I suppressed my excitement.

Today, there was no mistaking it:  three common green darners flying over one of the smaller ponds in the late afternoon sun – two males and one female.  One of the males and the female were flying in tandem as she deposited eggs in the pond.  The bachelor and the tandem pair got into a minor scuffle when the bachelor got too close.  Mostly they kept their distance from one another.  They’re not “supposed” to be out until later this month.  But we’ve had so many warm days, I am not surprised to see them.  Of course, now They are predicting snow for tomorrow…  Gotta love spring in Western New York.

Common Green Darner in FlightThat amazing photo of a male flying was taken by a fellow Flickrite.  You should click on the photo to see the rest of his photostream.

You might also want to check out Jeremy Martin’s Odonata Group on Flickr:

3 thoughts on “The Dragons are Flying!

  1. Very cool, had one of these flying around yesterday! So cool you saw a bunch of these guys flying around! Spring must be here but snow is falling, ugg!

  2. I’m late to this party but I have noticed only a few during the past two weeks. If the winter freezing will finally come to an end, I’ll be happy to see loads of them. That is a great shot!

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