Friends and the Outdoors

Mother GooseI try to get outside for at least a little walk every day, regardless of the weather, or the availability of a companion.  I must admit that walking with a friend is my favorite way to enjoy the natural world.  Yesterday provided me with two opportunities: one at the Center with Linda O. and one at Point Gratiot on Lake Erie with Sue Mc.

Goose NestIt was a busy day at work, with lots of reports and grant requests to get done.  So by lunchtime, I was a little stressed.  Faithful volunteer, Linda O., was on hand to help with some of the work and she agreed to take a little stress-reliever with me.  We chose to walk a short 1/2 mile loop on which we know of at least one nesting goose.  In just a couple of weeks, the school field trips will begin in earnest at the Center and we’ll have loads of kids to march past those goose nests.  We consider it our duty to go out daily – possibly even more than once per day – to help get the mother goose acclimated to people.  (OK, admittedly… it’s just another excuse to get outside!)  She hissed at us, dutifully, but stayed put.  It’s a stupid place for a nest, but the trail is wide enough that we could get around her without causing too much undo distress.

MuskratAnother nest further on has three unprotected eggs and no sign of parents.  We’re curious what will happen with them!  A muskrat munched on grass on the bank of the pond, seemingly unconcerned.  We also saw many things that left me longing for a longer lens again…  An immature bald eagle, rusty blackbirds, shorebirds and ducks.

Icescape-Lake ErieAfter work, I headed north to Fredonia to spend some time with my friend, Sue Mc.  She took me up to a park on Lake Erie called Point Gratiot – a place where I had picnicked many times as a child – but which I hadn’t visited in a long time.  The ice was piled up near the shore like mountains.  There was some exposed beach, however, that provided plenty of opportunities for interesting shots.  I took photographs of driftwood, rockpiles, the shale cliffs, and , yes, even trash.  Here are the shots that got “ooh’s” and “ahh’s” from my colleagues:
Driftwood Sculpture 3
Layers of History 1
Party Remains

You can see the whole set of photos I took on my Flickr site in the “Lake Erie” set:

Friend and the Outdoors:  It’s a natural combination.  Try it!

3 thoughts on “Friends and the Outdoors

  1. I’m honored to be called your friend. Glad to be a stress reliever, any time! Loved the pictures. Especially the ones on the beach. The layers of stones was neat. Point Gratiot is a great birding place. Wish I had been with you.

  2. Linda… who having met you would not consider you a friend. You’re just… friendly! At Pt Gratiot, we saw a pileated woodpecker, and many gulls that I couldn’t identify.

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