Dogs Have Passion, Too

I named this blog “A Passion for Nature” because I have one.  I also have companions in my life whose passion rivals my own.

LolliThis is Lolli.  Lolli is my dog.  (Or, better said, as all pet people know, I am Lolli’s human.)  She’s a mixed breed (a.k.a. mutt).  Poor Lolli.  She shouldn’t live in suburbia.  She should live in the country.  She loves the woods.  Loves to run.  Loves to chase squirrels or rabbits or deer.  Loves to roll in “stuff.”  Loves to carry around big sticks.  I mean BIG.  The stick pictured here is a mere twig compared to some of the logs she chooses to carry.  It’s got to hurt her mouth… but that doesn’t stop her!  Sometimes she chooses really long branches and then watch your calves!

On the Trail of a DeerLolli is my most frequent companion when hiking.  She’ll go anywhere, anytime.  Weather never deters her.  Rain?  Snow?  It doesn’t matter.  Time of day?  Doesn’t matter.  Whenever you want to go, she’s ready.  Already went for a long walk this morning?  So what?  She’ll go again.

I like having her along.  Sometimes she points things out to me that I may have missed – an animal sound or track.  Of course, sometimes she destroys the tracks before I can see them… Oh well.

Mozart is a relatively new friend.  He’s a wonderful big German Shepherd with kind eyes.  He has a human named Terry.  I first met Mozart when I went to Terry’s shop to watch him make some wooden bluebird eggs for my display at Audubon.  Mozart goes everywhere with Terry, so of course he was at the shop.  Turns out, Mozart has a passion for nature, too.  Don’t his eyes seem to say… “Please let’s go to the woods!”


Mozart Retrieves RockMozart loves water.  Anytime we are hiking, if we come to a pond, creek, or puddle, Mo goes right over and gets in.  Even in winter.  I was so surprised to see him get into a creek and lie down on a cold snowy winter day.

As much as Lolli loves big sticks, Mozart loves rocks.  If you throw a rock in the water, he will retrieve it.


Mozart and Lolli get along fairly well.  There are disagreements over toys, sticks, and deer carcasses now and again.  But they seem to have figured out how to share the back of the truck, or the back seat of my car… somehow knowing that suffering the cramped quarters will be rewarded with a long romp in the woods. 

Mo’s human likes nature, too.  Luckily, his boss let’s him off work once in a while so the four of us can go hiking!

3 thoughts on “Dogs Have Passion, Too

  1. Dogs like these are the best of pets! (personally I prefer larger dogs) Lolli looks a lot like my dog…all that black hair in my house, but such an affectionate friend.

  2. You make me think I should take my dog (and myself!) out into the country more often. I have met this Mozart personally, and he didn’t care much for me, which isn’t usually the case with dogs, and too bad since I need another piece of furniture repaired.

    I’m enjoying your photography and observations. Keep it up and I shall visit the country regularly, vicariously!

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