Ephemerals – Part 2

Spring BeautyWanda’s mom was laid to rest this week.  I never met Wanda’s mom, but I can tell you this:  she instilled in her children a deep love and appreciation for the outdoors.  I didn’t go to calling hours or to the funeral.  I did think of Wanda and her family every day for the last week as I wandered the woods, searching for wildflowers.  These flowers are for Wanda and her family, in rememberance of her mom.

I almost didn’t see this tiny Spring Beauty, until Lolli started making a fuss over a broken goose egg she found.

This little yellow violet wouldn’t turn its head up for a photo.  I have found several of these over the last few days, but most were right in the middle of the trail and were already trampled by people or dogs…  Round-leaved VioletFor this one, I had to lay right on my belly to get the right angle.  You should see my coat and jeans…  Oh well…

One of the woods I walk is a rich (I’ve discovered that means wet and muddy) deciduous forest with plenty of shagbark hickory, maple, oak, and beech.  There is a creek that runs through it and some of the banks are rather steep.  I thought if I walked at the base of the steep banks, I should be able to look right up at the blooms of these spring flowers, which often often hang their heads toward the ground.  It paid off, especially for the trillium!

Very Small White TrilliumVery Small Red Trillium

Blue CohoshThere were large patches of Blue Cohosh everywhere, but especially down near the creek.  This plant has other common names:  Squaw Root or Papoose Root.  I suppose these names came from the use of the plant by women to ease childbirth.

There were a couple of types of sedge in bloom.  What funny flowers they have.  A dark brown cylinder suddenly explodes like fireworks into a poof of creamy white.

Broad-leaved Sedge

There was another sedge, too, with narrower leaves, and the Cut-leaved Toothwort had a few blooms that were open.  Perhaps I’ll save those for another day… Ephemerals Part 3?

In the meantime, these are for you, Wanda… in celebration of your mom’s life.

One thought on “Ephemerals – Part 2

  1. Dear Winter Woman Sister Friend,
    This is do beautiful and so kind and appropriately thoughtful and so, well, Jennifer-like of you !!!

    Every year We were off to the woods to see this beauty as early & as frequently as possible with Mom. On one trip, when Kathy & Kristine were not old enough for school yet, they encountered a bear – the family (guard ? I guess NOT) dogs took off for home with hackles raised and there was Winnie with two curious twin angels who just wanted to see the bear. I wasn’t home from school yet, so I missed that fun…. That certainly didn’t discourage anybody from future trips. I’ll betcha right now Mom’s got a handful of violets ready for Grandpa’s birthday which is right around the corner.
    Thank you so much Jennifer ! What a perfect celebration of Mom !


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