A Sensory Experience

Marsh MarigoldsThese photos are the result of a full sensory experience…

Taste:  After helping put up tents at the Girl Scout camp, Emily revealed that she had a stash of those amazing Hershey’s dark chocolate truffles.  By the time we got to the Marsh Marigold patch, my chocolate was gone, but my mouth was still fully engaged in the joy of the chocolately sweetness!

Sight:  Oh my…  I could have a car accident driving by these bright yellow flowers that seem to spill from the hillsides wherever it is particularly wet.  “Mom!!!  Keep your eyes on the road.”  Oh, but I can’t:  it’s spring and there is so much to see out there…  If only she’d get her license.  Then she could drive, and I could watch for flowers and birds!

Marsh Marigold PairSounds:  It was sprinkling, so I heard the sound of raindrops hitting the ground.  Plus, I had to walk into a marshy area.  Imagine the squish, squish, squish of my boots in ankle-deep muck.

Smell:  As I was squatting to snap these photos, I remember thinking, “I had no idea Marsh Marigolds smelled so good… in fact I would have thought they would be more pungent – like skunk cabbage or leeks…”  Then I realized that all around the Marsh Marigolds there also grew plenty of mint, and each time I took a step I must have crushed a leaf or two, releasing a sweet, minty scent.

Touch:  I grabbed the rough trunks of young trees to help me climb back out of the marsh.  I didn’t fall…  and I only got a little (more) muddy.

Look!  Everybody loves Marsh Marigolds.  Even this little caterpillar:

Everybody Likes Marsh Marigolds

5 thoughts on “A Sensory Experience

  1. Mmmmm…chocolate is a good way to start any sensory experience. I haven’t found Marsh Marigolds in our area. Drive carefully! I can relate to that too. It isn’t a cell phone that distracts me, but the view outside.

  2. I stumbled across your photos and these bright yellow marsh marigolds stopped me in my tracks. They’re beautiful! I especially like the last photo of the caterpillar. What lovely contrast!

  3. Those marsh marigolds look so lush and almost tropical with their shiny leaves! How long will they remain so beautiful? Are they related to primroses? Are they also domestic? (Would they grow in suburbia?) That caterpillar photo is particularly delightful. It looks like something from a children’s book.

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