Overcast Skies and Rain

From the time I was little I’ve liked rain.  My mom tells me that I would wake up and go directly to the window every morning.  On sunny days I made little comment.  On rainy days I exclaimed, “It’s raining!” with the same enthusiasm that a child might say, “It’s Christmas!”  I said a drizzle, not a downpour!Sun means sunburn.  Sun means glare.  Give me a good overcast day anytime.  Add a light drizzle and I’m in heaven.

I have almost no favorite photos that were taken in full sun.  Most of my favorites were taken on overcast days, and yes, some were taken on drizzly days.  The Marsh Marigolds I posted yesterday were taken in a light drizzle.  (There are photographers who carry a spray bottle with them to create “dew” on flowers.  You can be assured that all my water droplets are naturally occuring.)

Tearthumb - Sept 2006Last September I had to use or lose two weeks of vacation.  I think it rained every day.  That, I admit, was a bit much… especially for someone with a brand new camera…  Still, some of my favorites came from that two week period.  This Tearthumb from College Park, for example, looked so lovely in the mist with rain droplets hanging from the stems.

Common Arrowhead - September 2006Here’s another:  Common Arrowhead.  My camera was new.  Flickr was new… and though it was raining, I just had to drive around to find something to photograph so I could post it.  This was in a ditch along the roadside.  I was wearing my raincoat, hunching over my camera so as not to get it wet.  The composition isn’t quite perfect, but I like the rain drops and the colors.  I had been trying to photograph white flowers with my new camera for a month.  On this day, I discovered the secret:  overcast days!

My friend, Dave, even carries a small collapsible white sun shield to create an overcast effect on sunny days.  Maybe I’ll invest in one, because there are some flowers that simply will not open unless it is sunny.  Remember my Trout Lilies?  I finally got a shot of one open!  It was a sunny day.
Trout Lily on an Overcast DayTrout Lily in the Sun

2 thoughts on “Overcast Skies and Rain

  1. Somewhere I once read that Erie, PA is one of the US cities with the highest number of days with cloud cover. No wonder you are so happy! As for me, rainy days are nice for reading but I find clear, crisp sunny “Kool-aid Days” to be the most invigorating. While I am no fan of Kool-aid, I was always mesmerized by their TV commercials as a kid because the weather looked absolutely brilliant and bright. Of course, I grew up near Erie, PA and rarely saw days that looked so, well, enhanced that way.

    Thanks again for the pictures!

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