Mothers’ Day at Bentley Sanctuary

Mystery FlowerEvery year there is a guided woodland wildflower walk at Bentley Sanctuary on Mothers’ Day at 2pm.  For the last many years it has been led by Jack Gulvin, who will lead it again this year.  I went over there yesterday for a sneak preview.  (Despite what I wrote in yesterday’s post, I resisted the urge to photograph Red Trillium, White Trillium, Spring Beauties, Trout Lilies, Wild Geranium and others that I found blooming there.  But I did snap a few shots of flowers!)  Most of the flowers I saw, I knew with confidence.  But at the entrance to the trail was this pinkish-purple bloom whose name I can’t remember… and I still can’t find my Newcomb’s guide… and my other flower guides are still at work.  When I find out, I’ll let you know… Or if you know… tell me!  Is it Dame’s Rocket?

Garlic Mustard InvasionI haven’t walked this sanctuary at this time of year in a long, long time.  I was saddened to see how much the Garlic Mustard has spread.  The first part of the trail is seemingly nothing but Garlic Mustard.  As I walked further in to the property, there were fewer Garlic Mustard plants and more native wildflowers… and yet deep in the middle, I found this patch where the non-native weed was sprinkled in amongst White Trillium and False Hellabore.  Will it take over, or will the native flowers manage to keep it in check?

As I bemoaned the invasion, I heard above me a sound that instantly took me back to a May backpacking trip several years back with my daughters, my friend Mary and some grandkids of hers.  That’s when I learned the chick-burr song of the Scarlet Tanager.  Mary heard it first and of course we had to drop our packs and get out the binoculars.  Scarlet Tanager from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology WebsiteLike the experience I described in another post when I learned the call of the Red-bellied Woodpecker, this total sensory experience has ingrained the song of the Scarlet Tanager in my memory.  Back at Bentley, back to the present, I searched the treetops trying to find a view of the bright red bird with black wings, but to no avail.  I couldn’t pinpoint where the sound was coming from, and with leaves starting to come onto the trees, I couldn’t find any bird-like motion up there, either.  It didn’t matter… my mind was full of the image anyway.

I didn’t resist the urge to photograph Foamflower or Toothwort, even though I have pictures of them already.  Here they are:

Foamflower Toothwort

Flowers with tight buds included Canada Mayflower, Mayapple, Running Strawberry, and Solomon’s Seal.  I don’t have pictures of any of those blooms yet… Guess I’ll have to keep tramping the woods daily until I get them all.

Happy (early) Mothers’ Day to you all!

One thought on “Mothers’ Day at Bentley Sanctuary

  1. Our Mayapple have very tight buds still. I check everyday because I am afraid I may miss the flower. In Mexico, May 10th is always Mother’s Day and it is a holiday. So you post is timely!

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