Botanist? Me?

Egg Masses in the PuddleA friend sent an email that accused me of being a botanist (…not that there’s anything wrong with that…)  because of all the pictures of flowers on my Flickr account.  I like flowers, but I’m afraid it would take an awful lot of study for me to become a botanist.

I’m not a herpetologist, either, but today, let me give you a couple of herp photos.  While walking the dogs in the woods, I ran across one of those amazing tire-track puddles that often teem with life at this time of year.  Garter Snake With Tongue OutIt was full of egg masses and tadpoles.  Boy is it ever hard to photograph through the surface of the water!

A little later on the trail, a fairly long garter snake appeared to be making its first appearance of spring.  Lethargic or stunned, it lay there so still I thought it might be dead.  When Lolli came near, the red tongue started sampling the air for scent particles.  I hoped for a photo as good as Jeremy Martin’s…  Alas, it was not to be, though mine isn’t terrible.  Lolli’s boyfriend, Mozart, was funny.  He has seen me with my camera before.  He acts as though he is terribly put out over having to wait while I snap a few shots.  He lay down right next to the snake and ignored it.

DecisionsWhen we reached the field we had to make a decision – home by the road, or through the horse pasture.  We chose the horse pasture… which meant I had to give Lolli a full bath with shampoo, and a breath mint.  What is it that makes her feel compelled to roll in that stuff?  And eat it?

There… a whole blog posting, and not a single flower!  Have a great day.

One thought on “Botanist? Me?

  1. Congrats(?) on your flower-less post 🙂

    I love that you can see the garter’s red tongue – well captured!

    Botany is a bewildering topic indeed! I keep meaning to find a community college class to take, as I think that’s the only way I’m going to even begin to get my head around it! So many plant parts, and so darned many plants!

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