Hmm...  What is it?I don’t have much patience.  I always want to know now!  Nature teaches me to slow down and wait for answers.  At the end of April, I was hiking at the Girl Scout Camp and ran across these tight little buds.  This plant was anywhere that it was wet – ditches, along the banks of the lake, in the creek beds.  Flower field guides don’t do you much good unless the flower is in bloom, so I knew I would have to wait.

Today, while walking in a different woods, I stumbled on a huge patch of this same plant… but now it was in bloom.  The vibrant yellow absolutely took my breath away.

Golden Ragwort.  Truth be told, I showed the above photo to a wildflower fanatic friend of mine and he told me what it was, so I’ve known its name for quite some time.  Golden RagwortI looked it up in the Peterson Field Guide and saw the rather unimpressive colored drawing and was mildly interested that the red buds would turn into yellow flowers.  I wasn’t expecting much…  Then, toward the end of a walk that hadn’t turned up anything new… there it was.  Just stunning!  Next year, I will know the plant by the leaves and buds.

Mayapple BlossomI was also impatient about wanting to see Mayapple Blossoms.  I wrote in my last post about searching and searching until I finally found one or two plants whose buds had opened.  Today, of course, nearly all the Mayapples had open flowers!  I shot a ton more Mayapple blossoms today.

A few of the Canada Mayflowers were open, too… but just a few tiny, tiny ones.  And how about this False Solomon’s Seal?  Is this what the flower looks like, or was I impatient?  Did I just get the buds?

Canada Mayflower False Solomon's Seal

2 thoughts on “Patience

  1. Sometimes I hate waiting also! Jen – your wildflower photos are amazing and love that Golden Ragwort plant! the back ground colors are perfect!

  2. Looks like you have to wait a little bit for that Solomon’s Seal 🙂 I can relate about patience – I do not possess a great deal of it myself! Birdwatching has probably done more for me to develop patience than anything else, as if you’re not patient, you won’t see much!

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