Quite a Day

It was quite a day at Bergman Park yesterday.  Lots of lovely wildflowers of course, as usual.  Lolli kept disappearing and would not return when I called her, disobedient little brat.  I discovered what she was up to on only two of her little forays…

Turkey Eggs by Jeremy MartinThe first one caused my jaw to drop and startled me not just a little!  A mother turkey flew up out of some dense underbrush and off to the safety of a distant tree.  I called for Lolli, but she wouldn’t come.  I could just imagine her picking up the eggs in her mouth, ready to bring them to me to play ball.  “Leave it!  Leave it!”  I called as I tried to find my way in to where the nest must be.  I never found the nest, but Lolli finally came bounding out of the brush – with no egg in her mouth, thank goodness…  (This picture of a turkey nest was taken last spring by my friend Jeremy Martin.  Be sure to click on the picture to go to his Flickr site and check out his other photos!)
Bird's Eye Speedwell   Common Cinquefoil
Later, down in the creek, she disappeared again.  I didn’t think too much about it at first.  I was distracted by a couple of flowers that weren’t blooming the day before – Bird’s Eye Speedwell and Common Cinquefoil.  Scarlet Tanager from Cornell Lab of OrnithologyA bit of red caught my eye:  a Scarlet Tanager!  For the first time ever I saw it first BEFORE I heard it.  Yeah!  Chick-Brrrr.

When I remembered to wonder where Lolli had gotten to, I called for her.  No answer.  Then, some snorting…  like she was trying to blow dust out of her nose.  And no wonder!  She kept burying her head deep inside a hole on the creek bank.  She had found the fox den and was trying to dig or climb inside or something.  At least I’m pretty sure this was the fox den…  Last winter, the footprints led exactly in this direction.  Makes me want to come out early some morning and stake out the joint…  without the dog, I think!

Red fox by Northlight on FlickrHere’s a photo from one of my Flickr contacts, Northlight.  Be sure to click on it to see some of his amazing photography.  I hope someday to post my own Red Fox photo!  Until then, thank you, Michael.

2 thoughts on “Quite a Day

  1. Chick-Brrr I just love them tanagers! Your wildflower photography just keeps getting better and better! Keep up the wonderful work and does sound like quite a day!

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