Reasons to Love Flickr

Thunderstorms today.  Power out in some parts of town.  Limbs down.  Basement full of water.  Still, I managed to find 2 rain-free hours to walk with the dog at College Park.  I had only one goal:  Yellow Clintonia.  I heard it was blooming and that I could find it in the Park.  I found it:
Yellow Clintonia - Closeup
and in the process managed to shoot 137 other photos, too.

Several of those photos were of a plant that was new to me.  When I got home, I attempted to find it in my Peterson guide… but to no avail.  I thought I might try my Newcomb’s guide…  But first, since I was sitting at the computer anyway…  why not try that weird and wonderful grid that some clever person posted on Flickr?

Virginia WaterleafIf you are a wildflower nut, you should check this out:

The grid helps you find flowers by color and number of petals.  I used it today to search for white, 5-petalled flowers and very quickly found a posting for my plant!  Virginia Waterleaf.  Don’t get too excited, though… sometimes it’s not quite so easy.

Another feature I love about Flickr is the “ID Please” group pool.  If you can’t figure out what something is, you can post it to this pool, and experts from all over the country will look to see if they can help you.

Last summer, we had a new plant show up in one of our ponds.  We could NOT find it in any field guide.  Later, we realized why:  it’s a relatively new arrival in the area – a non-native that is slowly spreading south.  I posted a photo of it on Flickr and had my answer in 20 minutes.

What is This?After trying without success to ID this plant, I’m trying the ID Please pool.  If you are curious to see if I got my answer, you can click on the picture to go to Flickr where I’ll change the name from “What is this?” to the actual plant name, once I know for sure.

2 thoughts on “Reasons to Love Flickr

  1. Flickr is amazing for people helping in the ID when your lost for words! Then you have those flowers like Yellow Clintonia and you know the flower but just can’t remember its name! That me, I just can never remember their name! Next year I probably will have the same problem!

  2. I saw Yellow Clintonia for the first time at ASP on Saturday. Your photos are beautiful Jen. Thanks for the link to the wildflower id chart and the info about the ID Please pool.

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