What a Wednesday Morning

Tree Swallow Nest - no eggs, no babiesI thought I’d go to work a little early so I could get some paperwork and reports done before I had to lead walks.

Oh, but, hey… I have that Nest Box walk coming up in a couple of weeks, I probably should check the status of the nest boxes in the Pavillion Field.  OK… that won’t take long:

1 – House Wren nest, no eggs or babies
2 – Empty
3 – House Wren nest, babies
4 – Tree Swallow nest, no eggs or babies

Mouse NestThere.  Oh wait…  There are a few boxes in the woods… it’s only a few more steps.

1 – House Wren nest, eggs
2 – Mouse nest
3 – Empty

Mouse nest?  Darn it.  I better make a note to get some predator guards on these pipes. 

There.  But… you know, as long as I’m this close, the Spatterdock Lily and the Blue Flag were in bloom yesterday.  It won’t take long to snap a few shots.

Wow!  There sure were a lot of critters inside the Spatterdock Lily.  Besides these little guys, there was also a snail, and a fly!

Inside a Spatterdock Lily

Blue Flag 2And look how beautiful the Blue Flag looks in the morning mist.

There.  Hey!  If I take this slightly longer loop back to the field, I can get a shot or two over by that really big patch of Blue Flag.  Why is that Red-winged Blackbird squawking at me and flying right over my head… then away and into the rushes in the pond?  Oh look!  He’s showing me the Wood Duck babies!  Don’t worry momma.  I’m not going to hurt your babies.

Wood Duck Babies

Oh yeah… here is the Blue Flag patch.

Blue Flag Field

Bumble Bees enter here:
Blue Flag 3

Blue Flag 4 with Bumblebee

So much for getting to work early.

5 thoughts on “What a Wednesday Morning

  1. Hmm, go for a nature walk, taking lovely photos of flowers and enjoying the flow of the bird breeding process, or pushing paperwork? I think you chose correctly!

    Love the Wood Duck babies and the Blue Flag Iris w/bonus bee!

  2. Larry – Do you mean you’re seeing them on my blog, or that you see flowers around your place that you hadn’t noticed before?

    Thanks to all who read. Yesterday, my blog had over 100 hits, the highest ever.

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