Even More Dragon Hunting

Sedge SpriteOur second day of training started at Audubon at 9am.  We drank coffee while we waited for the last of the fog to burn off.  The cool morning temperatures didn’t make for very good dragon-hunting.  Still, we saw a few species, including Common Whitetail, Sedge Sprites, Eastern Forktails, and Marsh Bluets.  I’m only posting the Sedge Sprite here.  Isn’t she pretty?  bronzy-green with a tiny little dusting of blue at the tip…

Swamp Milkweed Leaf Beetle Eggs in the SunOn a non-odonata tangent, I did find the Swamp Milkweed Leaf Beetles again, and there WERE eggs!  So pretty! Don’t click here if you are under 18.

Next we headed over to the banks of the Conewango Creek.  As Jeremy predicted, we found two clubtails:  Ashy and Midland.  I showed Steve and Vickie how we sometimes use the magnetic white board to get pictures of diagnostic features of dragons we are submitting for the survey.
Using Magnets

Calico Pennant FemaleNext to Allenburg Bog.  I was very embarassed to get us lost on the way in, and even more embarassed to get lost by myself on the way out.  But that’s a story for around the campfire.  We found my absolute favorite dragonfly at the bog:  the Calico Pennant.  I like the female even better than the male.  Look at those markings!

Many of the bog flowers were in bloom, too.  We were in a bit of a time crunch, so I didn’t take my time with the pictures… just snapped to document what we saw.  I sure love the bog!

Wild Calla

There are more flowers over at my Flickr site, if you want to take a peek!

3 thoughts on “Even More Dragon Hunting

  1. That Calico Pennant is so ornate. What a jewel to have in your hand!
    And as usual, I really enjoy your Photos and your knowledge of so many things.

  2. I so knew that I should have joined you guys today!! What a wonderful day you had and can’t wait to hear about getting everyone lost story! I just love all your bog flowers that you have on flickr! WOW

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