Camp Timbercrest Staff Reunion

Wow.  What a weekend!  The only way to describe it is with the Camp Timbercrest Song, written by Judy Scottie Andrews.

CampfireHave you sat by the glow of a campfire
While the flames cast a flickering light,
Or heard the last call of a blackbird
As he settled down for the night,
Spent an afternoon listening to raindrops
Falling soft on the top of your tent,
Seen the lake as shimmered at sunset,
And considered that moment well spent?

Were you there in the years when the heron
Circled high over Jackman’s Bay,
Seen the splash of the sun on your paddle
As you glided across Keyser Lake?
Can you find a red eft in the forest?
Do you know where the eagles nest?
If you do, then you’ll always remember.
You’re a part of Timbercrest.

Maddie in Canoe

Way too many more pictures: Click here!

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