Big Pond Embankment

Big Pond EmbankmentAs a little demonstration of biodiversity, I took pictures of wildflowers for about 50 minutes.  I came home with 36 species, and while that counted a couple that were just buds, it didn’t count several species that had no buds or blooms.  I also didn’t count the aquatic plants:  those IN the pond.

Here’s a little game for you.  Before you mouse over each picture below, can you name the flower?  When you comment, you can tell me your score.

By the way, I only got 34 out of 36, so if you know the other two flowers that I don’t, please tell me!  A couple are a little tricky, because I gave you the bud or the seedpod… or maybe I gave you such a closeup that you can’t tell what the whole flower is.  And on some, you might not be able to get down to species… but try to get the general name, anyway.

Have fun!

Common Mullein Bedstraw An Unknown Yellow Flower

Yellow Loosestrife Yarrow Wood Sorrel

Winged Monkey Flower Whorled Loosestrife White Clover

Water Pepper Another Unknown Yellow Flower Thistle

Swamp Milkweed St Johnswort Sheep Sorrel

Rough Fruited Cinquefoil Rough Cinquefoil Rough Avens

Queen Anne's Lace Oxeye Daisy Musk Mallow

Lesser Stitchwort Hop Clover Heal-All

Hawkweed Forget-Me-Not Fleabane

English Plantain Deptford Pink Grass-leafed Arrowhead - OK, this one was a little in the water...

Common Milkweed Buttonbush Blue Vervain

Butter and Eggs Bird's Foot Trefoil - The Seedpod Black-eyed Susan

How’d you do?

7 thoughts on “Big Pond Embankment

  1. I am no flower expert and rely heavily on a guidebook. I knew 12 of the flowers, and would have had 3 more, but didn’t recognize your trick ones;- Queen Anne’s Lace, Bird’s Foot Trefoil and Common Milkweed. Nice pictures! They would make a good poster.

  2. Jennifer, I discovered your blog today and I’m so grateful you are writing and capturing images about wildlife in Western New York. I’m a newish student of herbalism and wild plants and your blog is like a wish cometrue for me. Thank you.

  3. Thanks everyone.
    Larry – are 2 of your 3 “Unknown Yellow Flower” and “Another Unknown Yellow Flower”? Hee hee…

    P.S. I think the first unknown yellow flower may be a St Johnswort… I thought that when I posted it… but it looked so different from the other one that I KNEW was a St Johnswort that I became doubtful. I’m going to have to go back out to the embankment and check it out more closely… with my field guides along… But they’re so heavy…

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