Early Lowbush BlueberryHello.  My name is Jennifer and I’m a blogaholic.

I can’t believe I just created yet another blog.  Perhaps you noticed over on the right side of this blog that I have added “pages”.  I got this idea that I should create a page of general information about each of the places I like to visit.  Well… when I started writing the page for Camp Timbercrest, I found I had an awful lot to say.  So… I just started another whole blog for it.  Wanna see it?  Click here!

I’m addicted, aren’t I?  There’s no turning back, is there?

Anyway, the Early Lowbush Blueberry flowers I photographed last spring have turned into some nice fruits.  They’re not ripe yet, though…

3 thoughts on “Blogaholic

  1. Hi Jennifer,
    When you think of all the other bad things people get addicted to, blogging seems pretty benign. Besides, it brings so much enjoyment–to you and also to all of us who share in your stories and experiences. Don’t feel guilty!

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