Arkwright Falls

FallsLater this week, Bob and I will be leading the Audubon teens on 4 outdoor trips.  My friend Terry was kind enough to hike with me yesterday to check out one of the destinations… Arkwright Falls.

Let me just say up front:  no photograph can come close to capturing the beauty of walking in a creekbed…  for a nature nerd such as myself, anyway.  Terry told a funny story about a woman he encountered in another of our lovely creeks.  She asked, “Is there anything interesting up there or is it just more of the same?”  Wow.  What a question…  For me there is something new with every step.  And the creek itself is different every time you go… season to season, but even day to day.  Indeed, it changes hour by hour, especially when you’re down in deep ravines and the sun travels slowly overhead changing the way the shadows fall…  I never tire of it.

Beware if you try to find Arkwright falls by using a topo map or by Googling.  A search for a place name on takes you to this map where you will see the words “Arkwright Falls”:

I’ve come to the conclusion that any of the falls on this piece of creek have been called by someone “Arkwright Falls”.   The place where we take the teens is quite a ways upstream from the location on the topo.  This website lists good directions for getting to the falls pictured above.  (You have to scroll down on the site to find “Arkwright Falls”.)

Postcard Arkwright FallsTerry and I did hike downstream quite a long, long time in search of the “Real” Arkwright Falls.  We found some cliffs that look like they have some pretty awesome displays in spring during the runoff.  But we never found anything that looks like the postcard pictured here.  Looking at the topo’s and aerial photographs online, I’m convinced we were only 10 or 15 minutes walk away…  We gave up too soon.

We saw some pretty places, though:

Creek Pool

Finding the “Real” Arkwright Falls will have to be an adventure for another day.

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