Hike Chautauqua

Trail SignsFor over 25 years I’ve had this idea that I should write a book on the trails of Chautauqua County.  Well, I’m finally starting…  I’m going to blog about the trails first as I gather information.  I hope you all will give me some feedback.


Also, let me know what your favorite hiking guides are and why you like them.  What features do you look for in a hiking guide?

Thanks in advance for your shared wisdom and suggestions!

5 thoughts on “Hike Chautauqua

  1. I like to know about some of the scenic spots along the way as well as any interesting historical background..-I also like to know how good the trail marks are and where you have the potential to wander off the trail if you’re not paying attention.-Not all of us are directionally gifted.-Of course I won’t be using the guide because I’m not from around that way.-Good and ambitious idea though!

  2. Ahh, the Jerry Schad of Chautauqua County! Now either you know who Jerry Schad is, or you don’t, and you’ll ask.

  3. I like the “50 Hikes of BlahBlahBlah” series myself. The 50 hikes of western NY has several listed for Chautauqua County. But, what I usually use are just the Chautauqua County Parks Trail maps. I keep them in my glove box in the car. My children became hikers on the West Overland Trail. We would do one chunk at a time. I would bribe them. “When you get to the log you’ll get 2 M&M’s” etc.

    We’ve hiked them, skiied them, biked them, canoed them, splashed through them. What a wonderful system of trails we have, right in our back yard!

  4. What a great little park!! Well groomed and clean–a real delight! We will return with a picnic lunch later in the Fall. A real tribute to workers. Thanks to those who established it, and those who care for it.

    Ed and Karen Atwood
    Walter Atwood
    Warren, PA

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