Being the Camp Director

Common Green Darner - Female TeneralThis week, I don’t have a group of children of my own to supervise.  Instead, I’m in charge of the whole camp – overseeing three other counselors and their campers.  Yesterday I had to deal with a girl who had scraped her neck, a boy who had a sliver on the back of his leg, another boy who had been stung 12 times, and a staff person who had to go to the hospital with a broken finger.

I wasn’t too excited when they called up to my office this afternoon to say they needed me downstairs.  But today, instead of medical emergencies, they brought me a beautiful female Common Green Darner.  She was just newly emerged, her wings still shimmery and a little fragile.  I took several pictures of her in my hand.  Then I put her on a goldenrod plant and she let me take several more shots while she recovered from the shock of so much attention.

Common Green Darner - Female Teneral Closeup

Isn’t she pretty?  Today being camp director was OK.  (Though I still don’t have my paperwork done…  Oh well… aren’t dragonflies more important?)

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