Hike Chautauqua – again…

Enormous Old Tree at the Abe Mattison Millrace Park in Falconer NYI’ve been working on my Hike Chautauqua blog a lot lately.  I’ve now finished all the parks that are good quick destinations – picnic facilities and short hikes.

The last three County locations are more difficult:  2 overland trails that will take several days to hike… and a 52-mile waterway trail.  I don’t have much experience canoeing… so that one will be difficult.  Maybe Sue will tackle it with me?

2 thoughts on “Hike Chautauqua – again…

  1. If you’re actually willing to paddle IN THE WATER, I’m ready. I’ll even polish up Dorothy, my vintage Grumman canoe. I have paddled part of the Martin Cobb waterway, with 3 kids (one in a kayak.) Plus, no one has ever fallen in, or sunk, or tipped over, while I have been at the stern. At least not intentionally! Hee, hee…

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