My Favorite Flower

DaffodilSomeone asked me recently what my favorite flower is.  That used to be a no-brainer for me:  Daffodils.  I love the dual yellow.  They are so bright and cheery after a long winter.  They were my favorite… and I still love them.

Still… when the question was asked, my mind started flipping through dozens… maybe hundreds of flowers that I have been photographing over the last couple of years.

I can’t pick just one.  Each flower has its own unique beauty and a context for being a favorite.  Hmm… do I have a favorite early spring flower?  Woodland flower?  Field flower?  Roadside flower?  Garden flower?  Cut flower?  Corsage/Boutineer flower?  Mid-summer flower?  Composite flower?  Which is my favorite for its color?  It’s fragrance?  It’s shape?  It’s form?

Here’s a little Hall of Fame:  Jennifer’s Favorites…

My Favorite Dramatic Flower:
Day Lily
Day Lily in My Garden

My Favorite Flower with Contrasting Colors:
Asters on a Rainy Day at College Park

My Favorite Spring Ephemeral:
White Trillium Dream
White Trillium at Long Point State Park

My Favorite Combination of Pinks:
Crown Vetch
Crown Vetch at College Park

My Favorite Composite Flower:
Black-eyed Susan
Black-Eyed Susan at the Gravel Pit

My Favorite Woodland Flower:
Common Wood-sorrel
Common Wood Sorrel at Camp Timbercrest

Those are some of my favorites… but be warned… the list is ever changing. 

Right now, taking pictures is my obsession.  Sometimes I photograph flowers because I’m learning their names and the pictures aren’t anything artisically noteworthy.  But sometimes, I find a flower standing in just the right spot, with the perfect background and the perfect light…  That’s my favorite.

What’s yours?

7 thoughts on “My Favorite Flower

  1. Hi, you have some very nice shots here. I really love the photo of the day lily. I like daffodils too, they are cheerfull plants, full of sun after the long winter. But my favourite is tulip ..

  2. I don’t think I could come up with one favourite flower, any more than I could come up with one favourite food. Now that you have me looking at wildflowers, I am seeing new favourites that I enjoy more than my garden flowers.

  3. Hi Jennifer,
    Like you, I would have a difficult time picking a single favorite flower, but lean toward any of the lovelies that attract hummingbirds: Cardinal flower, trumpet vine and a beautiful new one I saw last week–black & blue Salvia.

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