My Little Butterfly

Monarch-Swamp Milkweed-Keyser LakeThe counselors at Camp Timbercrest all get to go home on Fridays; they have to return by noon on Sunday.  I went down early enough last Friday to see the program for parents, then had to wait while the staff had a meeting before I could take my counselors home.  I walked down to the shore of Keyser Lake and found this Monarch probing for nectar from a Swamp Milkweed.

My oldest daughter’s camp name is Butterfly.  Like this Monarch, my Butterfly sips nourishment from this camp.  Like this Monarch, my Butterfly will be taking flight for parts unknown as summer winds to a close.


Last night, our backyard was filled with family and friends celebrating Emily’s highschool graduation and wishing her well as she prepares to take off for college.  Naturally, I have mixed feelings.  I will miss her.  Yet I know it is time.  I will be envious, because I remember how exciting my college days were.  I will be worried… but only a little.  She’ll do fine, I have no doubt.


3 thoughts on “My Little Butterfly

  1. Without a doubt the monarch is my fav of all butterflies and so glad that you were able to find this monarch waiting to be photographed! That is very cool your daughter is called “butterfly” and should I say I am sorry for loosing her while she migrates off to college somewhere!!

  2. I love your butterfly picture. Your daughter looks lovely too. It is hard to see them leave home. I miss my two who have left but am glad they are happy in what they are doing.

  3. It was quite an adjustment for me last fall when my oldest son went to college. Semi-empty nest syndrome, I suppose. However, although he was not under my roof, but the college’s, our coorespondence and our relationship deepened through our on-line communication, both email and blog. It’s a tough transition, that first year, for student and mom alike. Probably dad, too. But, like the butterfly, they migrate, and we, as good parents, let go.

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