Dragonfly Eggs

Well… I wrote a couple of weeks ago about  how WordPress tells you what people are typing into search engines to find your site.  “Dragonfly eggs” is a big one that sends people to me.  Up until today, I only had one picture of dragonfly eggs.  Today, I am happy to report, I have more.

If you were a female dragonfly, today was the perfect day for egg-laying:  it was hot and sunny.  I took the Program Assistants and counselors out to do a Dragonfly Survey after lunch, and they caught two dragonflies that were just pumping out the egges.

Take a look at this Eastern Pondhawk female.  In fact, click on the picture to see the large view.  The eggs were pouring out of her!
Eastern Pondhawk - Eggs coming from Ovipositor

Later, we hiked over to a different pond where the Meadowhawks were flying.  Click on this photo to see a larger view of these eggs… They were spilling out like overproduction on an assembly line in the factory!
Meadowhawk Sp Eggs Coming from Ovipositor

(I’ll probably cross-post these photos on my Survey blog some time tomorrow.) 

We’re not JUST dragonfly nerds!  While we were out, we also saw a Goldfinch nest, and a Monarch Caterpillar.

Goldfinch Nest Monarch Caterpillar

14 thoughts on “Dragonfly Eggs

  1. Wow, Jennifer, those are such cool pictures of the dragonfly eggs….so that’s why they keep tapping their tails on the water, because those eggs just keep on coming!

    That goldfinch nest was an extra special find also. I’ve never seen one with eggs in it.

    An excellent post today!

  2. I was admiring these excellent pictures on your Flickr site. It is hard enough to photograph a dragonfly, let alone the eggs! The goldfinch nest is so tiny.

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  5. Hello,
    I was searching for photos of Dragonfly eggs, and found your site. I have a photo of a dragonfly with eggs attached to her abdomen. The eggs are red and there are many of them. I assume they are eggs, please click onto my Flickr photostream to see the photo (if you want it for your page, please let me know, it can be arranged. I was quite excited to see this and would like to share it with you and your readers. Click on “Large on Black” to see the details enlarged. Thanks so much!

  6. we have a grotto which many small tadpoles have hatched. We also have dragon flies…are the tadpoles in danger of the D.Flies ? I am not quite sure that the dragon flies are mating near on in the grotto..
    Thank you for your help.

  7. I encourage dragonflies at my place – up a mountain on The Big Island (Hawai’i). They are great for decimating all the mosquito larvae.

    I have checked several sites and have still to actually SEE what the eggs first hatch out into. I can see in the water tiny “commas” with antennae on the fat side of the “comma”. They wriggle their way up to the surface – much like the mosquito larvae do.

    Are these the beginnings of the dragonfly nymphs?

    Mahalo for your help.

  8. On the big island, crickets walk on water while doves plunge into the water. Maybe they were the ones that took the dragonfly nymphs and eggs. Or, was it the shrimp or red worms? When they are the size of this o, the dragonfly nymphs won’t eat mosquito larvae that are almost as big as they are.

  9. I found in a lake in WI a glob of slime in the water with small brown dots in it. There were lots of dots. I was told it was dragon fly eggs. The problem was an adult had the slime on his wings and could not fly.

  10. I recently found a dragonfly, but unfortunately it was dead. I flupped it over, just looking at it and i saw some little red egg-looking things on its torso and rear. I have never seen eggs that look like this so I was wondering if i could get some answers or ideas! thanks!

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