Tired Pup

Lolli Carried this Log 1.75 milesMy dog is sacked out on the couch.  She had a busy day.  First she went to Timbercrest to help me drop off Maddie and some stuff for Emily.  Then she helped me with my research for my Hike Chautauqua blog.  She insisted on carrying this log for nearly 2 miles.  Is that called persistence?… or just plain stubborn?

It started sprinkling when I got part way in to the trail, so I put my camera away.  Darn… cuz there were some awesome looking flowers that I didn’t know the names of, and now I don’t remember enough of the features to look them up…

Oh well… we needed the rain.

5 thoughts on “Tired Pup

  1. That is one big log! Our dog has never been interested in sticks, not even ones we throw in the water for him to retrieve. He is a lab cross with the retriever part removed.

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