Staff Relaxation Day

Ruth Sails - Sarah RelaxesOne of the nicest things our boss did for us was heed our suggestion that we could really use a Staff Relaxation Day each summer when Day Camp was over and before the school season got underway.  Yesterday was our third or fourth (we can’t quite remember) annual.  At my suggestion, we went out to Camp Timbercrest where each could of us partake in whatever activity we found most relaxing.  Some brought books.  Some cameras.  We all brought food.  Some sat and soaked up the sun.  Others enjoyed the cool shade.  Some hiked.  Some went boating.  We had perfect weather and we all got the chance to relax.

JeffIf you haven’t figured it out, one of my favorite ways to relax is to hike with my camera.  After boating a bit in the morning and eating a delicious potluck lunch, I took a hike around the lake with Jeff who taught me a few new flowers and a fern.

I’ll start with the fern, because it was so little and cute.  It’s called Lance-leaved Grape Fern:

Lance-leaved Grape Fern

Nodding Smartweed
I knew it was a smartweed.  Now I know it is Nodding Smartweed.

White Snakeroot Closeup
White Snakeroot is a tall edge-of-the-woods plant.  It reminds you a little of Boneset.  Below is a picture of the whole plant, next to a small picture of Dewdrop.

White Snakeroot   Dewdrop

Dewdrop and moss and hemlock
Dewdrop – mixed in with moss and a little Hemlock sapling…

Yeah so, nothing new here:  Jennifer relaxes by hiking and taking pictures… and she’s always learning new flowers…

What do you do to relax?

3 thoughts on “Staff Relaxation Day

  1. I do the same – grab my camera and shut out the world for a while, even if it means “hiking” only around my backyard. I have flowers en masse this year and I can easily pretend I’m on a real outing if the light’s just right.

  2. Hey Jennifer, sounds like a really fun day. Relaxing is good!
    When I want to relax I grab my knitting and go sit out on the deck to watch birds, butterflies and bunnies in my backyard and knit till the sun goes down and it’s too dark to see the stitches anymore.

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