Red and Green

I’m drinking coffee out of a white mug that is decorated in patterns of red and green.  My house is dark green with a redwood porch.  My diningroom wallpaper is red and green, as is the upholstry on the dining room chairs.  Apparently I like red and green.  Or pink and green.  Or mauve and teal…  You get the idea!

TurtleheadI’ve had a hard time getting a nice photo of Turtlehead.  It seems I only find the white ones that have already turned brown – and those only on rainy days.  The last time I was at Camp Timbercrest, I got lucky!  This turtlehead blushed pink in the sun… just for me… just for you.

Indian Cucumber Root was blushing red and sporting a little green berry.  (If you click on the photo below, you’ll see this photo again – paired with the flower that produced the fruit.)
Indian Cucumber Root Fruit

Even though I’m in a slight state of denial about the coming autumn, I couldn’t resist this closeup of a Maple leaf starting to turn.  I’ll pair it with Marsh St Johnswort with unopened buds reminding me of spring…

Maple Leaf   Marsh St Johnswort

And just two more, even though they are repeats from recent posts.  Staghorn Sumac and Cardinal Flower:

Girl Sumac   Cardinal Flower

What is your favorite color pairing?

4 thoughts on “Red and Green

  1. Interesting question Jen, my kitchen is light green and my pantry is pink (on the darker side). I also love peach and lighter blue together (my livingroom). And blue-green and purple (my bedroom).
    I love your photos, too! And thanks for the suggestion in your email.

  2. Hi Jennifer,
    I couldn’t think of what my favorite color pair is, unless I go with my jewelry: turquoise & silver.

    I really like your red & green pictures from nature. I have never looked close enough to realize all these color combinations are there. Thanks for helping to open my eyes.

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