White Flowers

Common ArrowheadI remember learning in science class that white, as a color, is actually all colors… that when we perceive something as white it is because all frequencies of the spectrum are being reflected back to us.  Now, I don’t know if that is accurate… but that is what I remember!

I also remember a book I once had (maybe still have?) about perennial gardening.  There was a picture in there of somebody’s garden that featured all white flowers.  White flowers are very difficult (for me) to photograph.  It’s a challenge to get the exposure just right.  My best shots of white flowers happen on overcast days.  Indeed, a little rain often helps the composition, such as in the Common Arrowhead above.

Virgin's BowerWild Clematis or Virgin’s Bower is in bloom everywhere right now.  I captured these while on a walk at the Audubon.  I also noticed it draped over everything as we drove by at 65 miles per hour on our way to take Emily to college.  When this one goes to seed, we’ll call it by yet another name, for it will resemble an Old Man’s Beard.

Canadian BurnetThis picture of Canadian Burnett is from last year – earlier in August.  The specimens I was finding on my most recent walk were a little past their prime… turning brown already.

Buttonbush is out now, too.  This specimen was on the embankment of Big Pond and was beautful and healthy.  I should have taken a picture of the one on the Photo Blind Trail.  It was covered in some kind of gall, poor thing…Buttonbush Closeup

Finally, a mystery flower.  If you know it, please tell me!  It was about 2-3 feet tall and growing in a very wet and mucky location.  The picture isn’t that great.  I may have to go back and get another one of these days…  when it’s overcast… possibly raining…

Mystery Flower

6 thoughts on “White Flowers

  1. I so love white flowers! Boneset is my favorite white flower for sure! Regarding this mystery flower?? Hmm, mystery to me also! Will check back to see what everyone else guesses!

  2. Hi Jennifer,
    My favorite white flower is the Trout Lily. Sorry I can’t help with you flower ID, I was going to say Boneset, but I don’t think that’s right (even though the size, location and bloom time correspond with what’s in my wildflower field guide)

  3. Hmm. I’m quite fond of white musk-mallow, but I don’t know if that counts, seeing as it also comes in pinks and so on.

    I think I saw some boneset during my ‘foraging adventure’ in our woods yesterday (I’m trying to learn how to dye wool using natural materials). Anyways– I was very excited to see, out in the ‘real world,’ something that I’d learned about here!

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