Polarizing Filter

OK, so don’t tell my family… (I sure ask you to keep a lot of secrets from my family, don’t I?) …but I purchased a polarizing filter for my camera.  It was under $30…  and I didn’t buy jeans.  So it’s OK, isn’t it?  (Maybe my students won’t think so when I wear stained jeans to class…  or maybe they’ll understand?)

Today was overcast, but bright.  I don’t know much about using such a filter and whether I would even need it for these conditions…  But here’s what I’ve learned so far…

In the past, I would edit just about EVERY photo I took by reducing the brightness, saturating the color, and adjusting the sharpness.  For these photos, I adjusted sharpness… that’s all.  OK, maybe I cropped one… but that doesn’t have anything to do with the color.

Polarizing Filter 06

Polarizing Filter 05

Polarizing Filter 01

I’m pretty excited with the results.  What do you think?  (There are a few more over at Flickr.)

P.S. Do you know the flowers?  (They were all in the Herb and Butterfly Garden at Audubon.)

4 thoughts on “Polarizing Filter

  1. Hey Jennifer, those are great pictures. The colors are so intense!
    Spiderwort, columbine, zinnia…and I didn’t even have to look them up. All the blogs I read about plants and flowers have definitely helped my flower ID skills.

  2. I wear my polarized sunglasses when I am out, and I often see rich colours that catch my attention. But when I take off my glasses, the colour is not as intense. That is the best way I can describe a polarizing lens. I have had one for years. The colours in your pictures are beautiful.

  3. Your students may not understand, but I sure do. Under some circumstances I’d go without food to buy camera stuff.

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