Pretty in the Evening SunI love fall flowers.  Many are in the family Compositae… Composites.  Each flower is actually many – an arrangement of disk florets and ray florets.  Goldenrod, asters, sunflowers…  The ditches are full of Bur-Marigold just now…  So pretty, especially in the early morning or late evening sun.


Petal-lessI’ve forgotten the name of this one.  A flower with only the disk florets – no rays at all.  I learned it last year, and would look it up in my flower books right now…  But I’m at the library… with only 12 minutes left on my allotted time.  My poor computer is still in the TechHospital, poor baby…

Help me out!  Do you know this flower’s name?  I think another name for Bur-Marigold is Stick-tight, and this petal-less one might be Beggar Tick… Or is it the other way around?  Oh the gray matter… Why can’t it work more reliably?

I’m missing reading your blogs.  I’ll have a lot of catching up to do when I eventually get my computer back, won’t I?

One thought on “Compositae

  1. Yay Jen, I’ve been missing you and your posts! I love compositae flowers, too. Hopefully you’ll get an id on the flower (I could look it up if my eyes weren’t about to slam shut)!

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