North Country Trail / Finger Lakes Trail

Footpath marked with White BlazesNorth Country Trail:  A trail that stretches from North Dakota through Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York.  (Click subtitle for website!)

Finger Lakes Trail: 562 miles of trail connecting the Catskill Mountains with the Allegheny Mountains through the Southern Tier of New York State.  (Click subtitle for website!)

Today… in the rain… I hiked a 2.5-mile stretch of trail at Allegany State Park that is part of both the North Country Trail System and the Finger Lakes Trail System.  There is a 4.6-mile stretch that goes from ASP3 to ASP1.  I hiked from ASP3 to the leanto and back – 2.5 miles in, then out again for a total of 5 miles.  It is a very lovely footpath that meanders through rich woods of maple, beech, cherry, and occasionally a stand of conifers – mostly hemlock.  The trail was well-marked with white rectangular blazes – mostly of paint, but sometimes of vinyl nailed to trees.

Trail to the LeantoThere were a couple of relatively steep parts, but most of the trail involved gentle inclines.  Close to ASP3, it was rather rocky, but soon it became a well-trodden dirt path – very comfortable to walk on.

The leanto area was beautiful.  It is obvious that the folks who use it are very respectful of the resource offered them free of charge.

Sign at Leanto

The forest was so still and beautiful in the rain.  Unfortunately, it was raining hard enough that my camera stayed in the backpack most of the time.  But I managed a couple of shots:

Spikenard (thanks Patrick from ID Please)

This, I learned today from Patrick in the ID Please Pool of Flickr, is Spikenard.  And from Peterson’s Guide to Edible Wild Plants I learned the roots can be used to make tea or root beer.

I also loved the intense color in these turkey tail fungi:

Pretty Fungus

7 thoughts on “North Country Trail / Finger Lakes Trail

  1. Hey Jennifer, that “turkey tail” fungi is so cool! I’ve never seen anything like that around here….that brown is the same color as a wild turkey tail.
    Is there a website or somewhere I could found out more information about the North Country Trail? (That sounds like something interesting to explore when I retire in a couple years)

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  3. Katie and I hiked this same spot last spring. Also in the rain. We came home bragging rights…”What did you do over the weekend?” “Oh, we just hiked the FingerLakes trail and the North Country trail, that’s all…”

  4. That is a great spot. That particular lean-to had a problem with porcupines. I had a sleepless night there about 10 years ago. Two years ago I stayed there and there was a volunteer in the process of repairing it. He showed me “before” pictures on his camera. It looked like napoleon had had a go at it.

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