Unforgettable Images

Over Labor Day weekend, I went hiking with a friend on the Westside Overland Trail between Route 430 and the lean-to camping area.  It was the first time I had hiked with this particular friend in decades, so it was a real treat.  Two things happened on that hike that I will never forget… even though I took no pictures.

Barred Owl-by Hard-RainFirst – on the way down to the lean-tos, the jays started making a terrible racket.  I’ve had jays scold me before… but not like this.  When I looked up to see what was so upsetting, there sat a Barred Owl…looking right at us… as if to say, “What’s the fuss about?”  This is not my photo.  You should click on it, though, to go see more incredible wildlife photos by my Flickr Friend, Hard-Rain, aka Brian Tang.

Second, as we were hiking out of the trail, two little Amish girls, maybe about 10 years old or so, were barrelling down the trail at top speed on scooters, laughing and chatting delightfully.  The Amish prefer not to be photographed…  Still, I did a Flickr search for “Amish girls” and so many images came up… even one girl on a scooter.  But I won’t reproduce it here.  It just seems wrong.

What’s the most vivid image in your mind from a recent hike?

P.S.  Computer update:  I have my work laptop at home this weekend.  My tower is officially dead.  My computer guy is ordering me up a new one…  Won’t have it for a few more days.

3 thoughts on “Unforgettable Images

  1. Well, since canoeing isn’t a hike, watching a lightening bolt hit the opposite bank of where the two of us were sheltering under a shoreside tree doesn’t count. But it sure is a vivid memory!

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