I’m Back… Sort Of…

Well, we have a new computer.  We pretty much lost everything on the old one.  Including the Canon software for downloading pictures off my camera.  I took a walk today and shot a few things in Raw mode that I really wanted to look at on my computer screen…  But… I can’t find my CDs for the camera.  I hope they’re at work… or that Dave will let me borrow his.

Jack-In-The-PulpitRemember this guy.  Today I took pictures of him again… this time with berries.  I hope to be able to show you the berries in the near future.  For now, that picture is stuck on my camera.

On the domestic side, I made 2 more jars of pesto yesterday and 6 jars of peach jam this evening.

Frustrated in Cyberland,

6 thoughts on “I’m Back… Sort Of…

  1. I got a new computer in April with Vista as an operating system. None of my software for my cameras, printer, or scanner would install with the new OS. But I just plugged in my Canon camera and Windows Picture program needed no additional software to work. My HP camera downloaded without software too, as did my other peripherals.
    I don’t know if you are running a Mac or another Windows system though.

  2. That works if you shoot in jpg mode. But I’ve become hooked on shooting in raw mode. So I need the camera software to tweak and convert to jpg…

  3. It sounds like a ‘what good luck/what bad luck’ story Jennifer. You got your new computer, but you lost your files and can’t do what you want to on it yet. Good luck with getting your photo software going again!

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