Before and After

I posted a few pairs of before and after photos a while back in my Brambly Trail post.  Here’s another.  The woods where I frequently walk the dog is full of these fruits now.

Running Strawberry Bush Flower - May 21st  Running Strawberry Bush Berries - Sept 19th

It’s called “Running Strawberry Bush” (Euonymus obovatus) and according to my Newcomb’s guide it can be found “W.N.Y. to Mich south.”  It’s a trailing shrub, 1-2 feet high that likes rich woods.  There’s another variety that gets 2-6 feet high called Strawberry Bush or Bursting Heart or Hearts-a-bursting (E. americanus) which the Newcomb’s guide reports is found “Se N.Y. to s Ill. south.” You can see a picture at Tim Martin’s Flickr site by clicking here.

Are you finding it to be true this year?  It seems like everything is heavy-laden with fruits.  There are so many of these fruits in the woods around here!  Too bad they aren’t good eating.  In fact, according to Tim, they have such a potent laxative effect that they have been known to cause severe dehydration and even death.

One thought on “Before and After

  1. I never did find one of those flowers. They are so delicate and beautiful! Maybe they aren’t this far north. The berry is pretty too. I haven’t spent much time in the bush lately to assess berries. Perhaps this weekend…

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