And the Wheel Turns

False Solomon's Seal BerriesThe Equinox.  A balancing time.  Balancing of light and dark.  Balancing of work and play as we finally settle into our school schedules.  Balance of life and death…  Flowers dying back, but leaving behind the seeds of life to survive the snows….

Bob’s Dad passed away on Wednesday.  We celebrated his life and mourned his death at a service today.  A balance of life and death, joy and sorrow, relief and regret.

After the service, I walked the dog.  It was good.  Here are a few images from that walk.

False Solomon’s Seal Berries


Leaves in the Creek
Maple Leaves in the Creek

Pokeweed Jack-in-the-Pulpit Berries
Pokeweed, Jack-in-the-Pulpit

Small White Asters

Nature always restores.  May you find balance at this time of the Equinox!

8 thoughts on “And the Wheel Turns

  1. The orange maple leaves on the water, dead and spent; still offer their beauty to the reflective eye. May the memory of your father-in-law offer the same beauty to Bob and your girls.

  2. My sincere condolences, Jennifer. on the death of Bob’s dad. That was a nice photo of him (reminded me a bit of my own dad).
    Nature is a healer and I’m glad you’re able to find happiness and beauty even in your sorrow and busy life.

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