Autumnal Recrudescence

Common Blue VioletI already told you in August that “Autumnal Recrudescence” is one of my favorite phrases.  I showed you pictures of a Chickadee and a Spring Peeper and told you how at this time, when the light levels are similar to those at the Vernal Equinox, they will sing (normally vernal) their territory/mating calls, a phenomenon called autumnal recrudescence.

Well, it looks like Autumnal Recrudesence isn’t just for animals.  I’ve seen more than one “spring” flower in bloom in the last few days… like Dogwood, for example.

This isn’t Dogwood, of course.  This is Common Blue Violet, a flower that is supposed to bloom only March-June, according to Peterson’s Field Guide to Wildflowers (Northeastern / North-Central North America).  I found it blooming on September 22nd.  Hmmm….

I wonder if dandelion’s autumn bloom is another example of Autumnal Recrudescence?  (Of course there are several species of dandelions, and maybe one kind blooms in spring and the other in fall?)

Gotta love it:  There is always sooooooo much to learn in the natural world!

4 thoughts on “Autumnal Recrudescence

  1. The word ” recrudescence” is used to describe the reappearance of malaria parasites because of a latent , but very low grade, asymptomatic infection.In your example above , it is the reappearence of similar environmental conditions that triggers organisms to respond in a special way.

    And “autumnal recrudescence” suggests to me, though I have never seen it used that way, to describe the turnover phenomenon in lakes in the fall when stratification is lost, as in the spring, and there is circulation from top to bottom. In this case ,a physical phenomenon repeates itself.

    You are so right , there IS so much to learn in the natural world — and then some.

  2. I love reading your blog and can’t wait to have more time to link around. You are a very talented woman, WinterWoman. maggie jensen

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