I have been taking pictures now with my Canon for over a year.  I struggle with the idea of my photos as art.  Some simply aren’t.  Some are just snapshots to accompany an informational article.  Some are rather nicely composed with nice light and might be considered artistic.  Yet I haven’t printed a single one to hang on a wall at my house.  It’s just a lack of confidence, I suppose.  Still, I also want to do more with my photos to make them more…  well… artsy… So, I finally installed Photoshop on my computer and am trying to teach myself to use it.

I find some of my inspiration online:

Fruit - by SabineI love the work posted on Flickr by “*Sabine*”.  I’ve lifted just one of her images for this blog post.  It is linked back to her photostream on Flickr.  Please click on the image here and take some time to look at her work.  I think it is brilliant.  She inspires me.

Recently, she has joined a Flickr Group called the Dictionary of Image.  The idea in this group is that you add text to a photo in such a way that together you have the ultimate definition of the word.  This is just one of Sabine’s entries into that group, and I find all of them enchanting.

Red Sunflower by Bonnie BrunoI’m also inspired by Bonnie Bruno (Photo Buffet).  She pairs images with inspirational quotes.  Click on the image at the right to see her blog.  Her images are taken from nature, but enhanced to a dreamlike state.

I’ve been playing with a couple of my images, imitating the work I’ve seen online.  (I hope those I imitate will remember that imitation is the greatest form of flattery!)

Here are two of my experiments with Photoshop:


Winterberry Holly

Let me know what you think!

10 thoughts on “Photo-Art

  1. The pictures are quite good — certainly of professional quality.

    I am a bit disappointed that you do not have the courtesy to respond to your comments — they must mean little to you — or is it just an oversight ??

  2. I love your experiments, though I still would not describe them as Art. They would do great in glossy magazines though. Very tasteful.

  3. Jennifer,

    I really like your photoshopped images. They’re beautiful, especially when the images are larger. They don’t work as well in blog-sized photos, simply because the writing ends up so small, which is a shame.

    Carolyn H.

  4. RuthieJ: I have the full version. Though a friend of mine tells me that elements is all he needs! I’m sure the full version has far more features than I will ever learn to use.

    cestoady: No! Please! the comments mean the world to me. Certainly, I blog mostly for my own selfish pleasure. But a comment now and again to encourage me is more than appreciated!

    wissel: I know what you mean… I like my photos, but I’m still not ready to print them for my walls… I want more… something artier. (is that a word?)

    Carolyn: Thanks. I had to squash the images to fit on the blog template… hopefully folks will click to see bigger versions.

    Oh Bob… Thanks.

  5. Your experiments turned out great!

    We just bought a Wacom Tablet and included with the tablet is Elements 5 … This is a gift for my husband’s birthday on the 5th and I, selfishly, can’t wait to get it installed. Do you have a tablet? We were given a great demo as to how they work …. opens up so many possibilities!

    Enjoy your new toy!

  6. Actually not chels but chels’ mum who was born in 67 to answer the question she didn’t know the answer to, and I have always thought there was an artist in you, well there’s one in most people who remember how to be young, and I am so glad that she’s coming out to play

  7. Jennifer, thanks for the reference to Photo Buffet! I appreciate that. You wrote:
    “Her images are taken from nature, but enhanced to a dreamlike state.”

    Actually, the majority of my work is not enhanced. I just fiddle around with various lenses and settings. I love the dreamy, soft-focus look, so that is my favorite way of photographing macros with my 100mm lens. My Canon 5D has allowed me to experiment in many ways, which has been wonderful.

    Sometimes I do create separate works of art (montages, for example) by painting portions of several photos into a new image. I use a Wacom Intuos3 Pen Tablet for that. Otherwise, my photos are straight out of the camera or enhanced only when a slight chanage in contrast or levels is needed.

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