Just Been Busy…

My Audubon friend Linda O asked about my blog today.  She was concerned because I hadn’t posted anything for October yet.  It was nice… flattering even… to think I had been missed.

It’s been a busy time.  I’m still trying to get the new computer working the way the old one did before the crash.  Plus, I decided to try to set up a little wireless network so that when my daughter is chatting with friends, someone else can still get on the Internet.  I finally got that figured out last night…

Red Osier Dogwood - one of my Photoshop CreationsPlus I got Photoshop… and let me tell you… I thought I was addicted to my photos and technology before… now… it’s all I can think about.

Plus, stuff is ripening in the garden that needs to be taken care of…  I’ve made more pesto, borscht, potato soup for the freezer.  And I have lots of hickory nuts that I’m working on cracking… boy is that hard work!  Makes my hands ache.

This sunrise didn't happen until 20 minutes to 8 in the morning!Add to all of that the fact that these shorter days are affecting my sleep patterns!  I don’t seem to wake up at 4:30 in the morning any more.  That is REALLY cutting in on my blogging time!

Anyway… I’m still out here.  Still taking pictures… and there will be more blog postings…  maybe not as frequently as before… I do pop in and read my blogger-friends whenever I can, but I’m miserably behind on those, too.

Just been busy…

4 thoughts on “Just Been Busy…

  1. Anyone who is stocking up on pesto, borscht and potato soup should be ready to tackle about anything, including Photoshop — with a “How to … ” manual in hand, you will have a ball working over your photos . Have fun !!

  2. No point in burning yourself out sith blogging.Some times other things just take priority in life.-It’s nice to know that people are reading and miss your posts though.

  3. I would use what’s called “rubber stamp” on my version of photoshop to stamp a non-car-lighted area near the car lights and then stamp over the car lights. It should work really well with this photo.

    Carolyn H.

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