Hike at Timbercrest

Keyser Lake“Butterfly” is home from college for the weekend.  She has the same passion for Camp Timbercrest that I have.  I had just been there Sunday to gather beaver sticks for a program we’re doing at Audubon.  I posted about that hike at the Camp Timbercrest blog.  I didn’t mind going out again today, even though it was a little hot for hiking.  Bird (a.k.a. “Freckles”) joined us.  It was great to get caught up with them about their experiences at college.

As we wandered around camp, it made me very sad to think that we were the only ones exploring.  There was a time when the camp was full of troops camping every weekend in the fall.  It is such a beautiful time of year to be outside.  Where are the girls?  Why don’t their leaders bring them here?

Near the ChapelButterfly showed us a place that she and Spoot have named “The Chapel.”  It’s a very nice spot with large rocks that could serve as an alter.  When I was a girl, camp sessions were two weeks long.  We would always have a worship service someplace out in the woods on the Sunday between weeks.  I can’t honestly remember where it was.  The place Butterfly and Spoot now call The Chapel will serve the purpose well.  I would love to worship there.

I made a new banner from a photo I took today…  It was time to become AutumnWoman for a few weeks.

Enjoy the incredible beauty of fall!

2 thoughts on “Hike at Timbercrest

  1. Hi Jennifer,
    It really is a busy time of year. My week off just flew by and my 26 item “to do” list is only half done. Your autumn pictures are beautiful–now we’re looking forward to autumn temps finally coming in this week to go along with the autumnal landscape.

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