Just a Little Afternoon Walk

Sure was a pretty day.  Lucky for me I work at a Nature Center and can make up excuses to go outside.  Like today… had to see if the gas company really put seed on the section of property they had to brushhog for a recent project… and well, while we’re out here, might as well go clean out the bluebird boxes (and evict any mice that may have taken up residence).

I wish I could show you a picture of the most awesome harrier ever.  No!  Wish I could show you video.  It was amazing the way he turned on the wind so that the light came through his tail feathers…  Gorgeous.  No pictures of him, though.  Here’s what I did get:

There were billions of these meadowhawks out today… many in tandem, some in wheels, some ovipositing – in tandem.

Lots of these grasshoppers, too… such pretty red legs… which you can’t see very well here…

Wood Sorrel
I experimented with exposure on this Wood Sorrel blossom in bright afternoon sun.  I liked the way this dark one turned out best.

What a cute little bunny… He let us get fairly close before dashing into the shrubs.

2 thoughts on “Just a Little Afternoon Walk

  1. Those harriers are just awesome, aren’t they? I saw one a couple weeks ago, but couldn’t get a photo either. The images will just have to remain in my brain.

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