Saw Whets!

Saw Whet OwlI’m really too tired to write anything coherent, but too cranked not to write something…  I arranged for a small group to head out to Allegany State Park to observe Tom LeBlanc’s bird banding station.  The first few net checks were a bust.  But just before we headed home we had success:  two Northern Saw Whet Owls.

It was pretty cool… and I got to “release” this one… which means, I placed her on this branch.  We never did see her fly away… She seemed to need time to re-group before taking off.

7 thoughts on “Saw Whets!

  1. WOW–what a super photo! Very sharp, you can see every feather! And a gorgeous bird, besides. I’ve never seen one (but we do have 3 barred owls who live on our property). Sounds like you had a good day.

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