Aster in the SunDaily I am grateful for the place I live and the beauty that surrounds me.  I often have conversations with family and friends about how beautiful Western New York is… changing seasons, moderate temperatures, no strange poisonous snakes or scorpions, no hurricanes, mudslides, earthquakes… Certainly we get our share of snow and an occasional tornado.  But for the most part, it is paradise to me.

I don’t need a disaster to remind me of the blessings in my life.  And yet, today, as the news is full of images of devastating fires along the west coast where I have friends and family, my blessings seem all the sweeter.  I am a very fortunate woman.

Closed GentianMy thoughts and prayers are with all on the West Coast who are dealing with the fires…  I know I can’t possibly relate to what you are experiencing.  The best I can do is send loving energy…  May you be well.

These pictures were taken over a month ago…  I kind of forgot I had them!  I hope you enjoy them…

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