Last Hold-outs

GoldenrodThe goldenrod has gone to seed – for the most part.  The seeds on the ends of their poofy parachutes cling to my fleece when I walk past it, through it.  Today I found one lonely plant still in bloom…

I know the feeling… a sense of denial that the seasons are changing.  At this time of year, I often find myself inappropriately dressed.  Sunshine lulls me into thinking that it is still summertime-warm… so I leave the jacket behind and shiver in my shirt sleeves.

A couple of days ago, I found this flower, also in denial… or just confused perhaps as to what season it actually is:


I’m also in denial about just how tired I am…  But I can’t deny it any longer… so off to bed…

4 thoughts on “Last Hold-outs

  1. I arrived here, by way of Ruth’s blog. I have many summer annual flowers who are blooming away. Here in central PA we are having balmy temps. I confess I am ready for a good hard frost, and for autumn. Trees are losing leaves here, more from stress of drought than cool temps. As they lose leaves, we lose the glorious turning of leaves in shades of vermillion, gold and purples.

  2. I spent the afternoon feeling a little chilly at the Cross Country County Meet at Long Point today, and autumn was in glorious and riotous abandon, and the sunset and moon rise last night made me want to dive for my paints, I took some pictures so maybe I’ll paint later. How can you not love living here at this time of the year

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