A Little Rant…

I try to be pretty upbeat and postive in my blog.  I believe that when you put positive energy into the world, you are rewarded with positive experiences.  So forgive me for this little rant…

Before I get into it, understand that I have nothing against hunting.  Especially deer hunting!  Deer in our parts have no natural predators anymore.  We rely on human hunters to keep populations in check.  In fact some areas are so overpopulated with deer that the habitat suffers.

My rant is against hunters who sidestep the law and disrespect the property of others.  Yesterday, I took my dog to the Girl Scout property to hike, knowing that it is a designated wildlife sanctuary, it is posted, and there would (supposedly) be no hunting.  (It is archery season… shotgun begins November 17.)

Wildlife Sanctuary?

I’m sure it is hard to see in this small version of the photo.  Click on it to see a larger version.  There is a deer stand and a pile of apples to entice deer to visit…  I would like to believe that someone set this up to create an opportunity to photograph deer.  Given that a few years back we found a bear trap on the property – set and ready to spring on some poor Girl Scout’s leg – I’m guessing the stand is for shooting deer with other than a camera…

Why can’t people follow the rules?

11 thoughts on “A Little Rant…

  1. Ugh!! stupid hunters. One year, had one tracking in the deer through our yard and was going shoot it too. Hehehe, the hunter found out my Dad had M-80 and threw it off the deck. Needless to say, the hunter got out of the yard real fast.

    But too many hunter are just plain careless. There’s nothing like going down rt739 and seeing the hunters in their tree stand.

  2. I come from a family of hunters and when younger used to hunt myself (though with limited time off, I found I enjoyed fishing more). But I’ve never been able to understand why some people think luring a deer to a spot with food and then shooting it where it stands is “sport.”

    Carolyn H.

  3. That is an example of an illegal activity which, in this instance, also falls within the domain of “hunting” and the perpetrator should be apprehended and prosecuted. No true sportsman would do that.

    Regarding whomever set a leg-hold trap in an area like that, I have higher life-forms living in my septic system!

  4. I like Mon@rch’s suggestion — , if there is still time,remove the stand and also post a “No Hunting” sign on that tree, indicating the sactuary status of the area.. I doubt that the poacher will try to reclaim his property. If so, then a lecture on hunting rules would be in order.

  5. On behalf of all the ‘good’ hunters who follow the rules, I apologize Jennifer. Some hunters are just lazy and/or stupid. Unfortunately, there’s no ethics or responsibility test we all have to pass before securing a license either.
    I’m with Mon@rch and cestoady–remove that ladder stand and give it to the Girl Scouts–it may fetch a tidy sum at a fundraiser for them!

  6. Thanks to all for the good advice. The council did take the tree stand down and put up a posted sign. We’ll see if the hunter comes looking for his stand. (Ruth – I suggested they put the stand in their next auction, too! Plus – I suspected you were a “good hunter”. I hoped you were, anyway!)

  7. When my son considered cleaning out trails at Timbercrest for an Eagle Scout project, his troop nixed it because the Girl Scout camp is known as a great place to hunt. Remember when we camped there in October a few years ago? Afterwards, several people told me that we were risking our lives. (But risking our lives when we get together in nothing new…!)

  8. @Susan – I would like to think that even if hunters are disrespectful of property lines, they would at least wait until hunting season… and we were camping before hunting season… But I suppose if you ignore one law, you’re just as apt to ignore another. The ranger at Timbercrest says he kicks at least 20 hunters a year off that property!

  9. RuthieJ wrote: Unfortunately, there’s no ethics or responsibility test we all have to pass before securing a license either.

    I’ve had this very discussion with many, many hunters and it’s frustrating beyond belief that most won’t cede this point. The most common answer I get is that ethics is broad enough to include all manner of hunting.

    Unfortunately, in my experience, that wide swath of ethics has caused untold amounts of suffering in the animals themselves. And has created incidents that literally shatter the ecosystems with gunshots breaking the stillness, litter left behind, and so many breaches of what could reasonably be called “fair” that I’ve gradually lost my acceptance of the “sport.”

    It’s a shame, too, because I used to be one of the non-hunters who had a huge amount of acceptance for hunters and hunting in general. When you witness awful scenes over and over, it starts to chip away at your faith. And that’s the problem. Most hunting is carried out on faith that people with the weapons DO have ethics. Many don’t. And there’s very little regulation in a sport where, like Vegas, what happens there tends to stay there — shielded from those not venturing into hunting territory with a gun.

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