Veggie Loaf

Oh my gosh… This has nothing to do with nature.  I just had to share this discovery:  A website where you click off ingredients in several categories, and it writes you a recipe for a veggie loaf – with all the correct proportions.  I’m going to try one tonight.  I’ll let you know how it turns out…

 Just go there and try it!  It’s cool:

4 thoughts on “Veggie Loaf

  1. @Nina – No, I’m not vegan. But my daughter decided on a vegetarian diet almost a year ago, so I’m always on the lookout for good vegetarian recipes.

    @Ruth – I named mine “Whatever’s in the cupboard Loaf” It turned out pretty good! I’ve never done this sort of recipe before, so I don’t know what it is “supposed” to look like. I think I could have cooked it a bit longer – the texture was a little soft. A few more minutes in the oven may have helped.

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