Better Pix with Sunlight…

It was sunny (but cold) today.  I headed down to Celoron Park to practice some more with the 500mm lens Norm loaned me.  I only saw Canada geese and gulls.  The geese were floating out on the waves.  The gulls were closer and very cooperative – just sitting there waiting for their portraits.

Ring-billed Gull

And here’s a juvie:

Juvenile Gull

I’m no Jim Gilbert (*sigh* My Hero).  But I’m improving, wouldn’t you say?

8 thoughts on “Better Pix with Sunlight…

  1. Jennifer – I love how you caught the eye on the first photo. Wow! And I would say it is a ring-billed. Your juvie is so cute. He/she looks like it is surveying the world around him/her.

  2. Great photos!I wish warblers would cooperate like gulls. I have a hard time trying to get pictures of those little buggers.-Don’t even know what 500 mm lens means.I’ve just got one of those idiot proof cameras and still find it a challenge.

  3. Thanks all! I’m pretty proud of these two pix, too.

    @Adam – I wasn’t sure about the species on the juvie… it seems weird that eye color would change from juvenile to adult, doesn’t it? (I’m so ignorant about birds… I really should study more…)

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