Holiday Projects – Part 2 – Baking…

Yeah, so my friend Michelle gave me this Amish Friendship Bread starter…  I can see you out there smiling.  You’ve had some before, too, haven’t you?  It looks innocent enough to start with… just one little cup.  And for the first few days, all you have to do is “mush the bag” – stir things up a bit.  On day 6, you add some flour, sugar, and milk…  On day 10, you divide the starter and oh my gosh… do you ever have a lot of it!  One cup to keep, 3 cups to give away, and another almost 2 cups to bake with.

I don’t have enough friends to keep this going forever…  I mean seriously:  3 friends every 10 days.  I decided not to give any away (unless you’re reading this and you live close and you want some – Call me!).

Last night I baked a cinnamon coffee cake which I’ll take to Audubon for the Guys.  This morning, I’m experimenting with Banana-Nut Loaves.  When I get home from work, I’ll make the Lemon-Poppyseed experiment.

I’m going to keep it going this month baking every 10 days.  I’ll freeze the loaves and give them away as Christmas presents.  (Try to act surprised.)

3 thoughts on “Holiday Projects – Part 2 – Baking…

  1. I have had starter before, but it really does grow and requires you to keep baking! Christmas is a good time to give it away. Does the starter keep in the freezer if you needed a little break?

  2. I started reading this post just as I had taken a sip of coffee. I started laughing so hard and almost shot coffee onto my monitor when I got to “you’ve had some before, haven’t you” LOL!! Yeah, I had some too and didn’t have any more friends to give it to. Fortunately my husband works with a lot of hungry guys and they loved that bread. I finally used the last of it up–it was hard to keep baking bread in July.

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