Nature’s Agenda

I went out specifically to photograph more tiny critters in the snow.  The only trouble is, that’s not what nature presented me this time.  She provided plenty… enough for at least three blog posts!  Tube moths were first.  This is the second… one more to go.

Rabbit and Dog or Coyote orThe ponds at Audubon were frozen and covered with just the tiniest dusting of snow.  In that snow were plenty of footprints!  The traffic patterns in this one looked benign – the rabbits travelling east-west, the dog/coyote/fox? heading south.  I don’t think the dog-like prints were fox; fox tracks are usually in a straight line.  I suppose it could have been the neighbor’s dog.  I want to believe it was a coyote.  Here’s another shot… what do you think?

Dog or Coyote or

Goose FootprintsThese (at right) must be Wobbly Goose’s prints…  He walks in such a weird, bow-legged way.  You can read more about Wobbly at a previous post.

Wobbly Goose

Goose DancingI’m hoping these prints (at left) are from New Goose.  If they are, it means she is getting closer to the building.  I’d like for her to meet Wobbly, so maybe they can spend the winter together.  Ever since Broken Goose disappeared, we have worried about Wobbly being lonely.  (Yeah, we’re weird that way!)

New Goose

I’ve written before about asking the forest to show me something in particular.  It works sometimes.  Other times, nature has her own agenda… and that can be wonderful, too.  No tiny critters on top of the snow this time… but plenty of other stuff, to be sure.

One thought on “Nature’s Agenda

  1. I liked reading about your “handicapped” geese. Such stories remind me of E.B. White’s book The Trumpet of the Swan, which never seems to be as popular as Charlotte’s Web, but should be!

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